Your dream wedding in Curaçao

Why is Curaçao the perfect place for our dream wedding? This is of course an important question for you! First of all, some more information about the island of Curaçao. Then you will soon be convinced why Curaçao is a suitable place for your destination beach wedding.

Your dream beach wedding on Curaçao
Wedding at Curaçao

The island Curaçao

Curaçao is a Caribbean island, the largest island of the Leeward Islands or the Lesser Antilles. It is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Curaçao is 64 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide (at its widest point). Aruba and Bonaire are the neighboring islands of the island. The landscape is varied: on the north coast it is rough and rocky with in some places even red sand that looks African, to tropical white beaches with calm blue sea. On the north coast there is only 1 beach where you can swim, all other beaches are on the south coast. The south coast is the side where the water is calm and the beautiful beaches are located.

Some facts about Curaçao:

  • The local language is Papiamentu but most people also speak Spanish, English and Dutch!
  • The ceremony can be held in English as well.
  • The valuta is Antillian Guilders and Dollars are also accepted
  • The climate is super nice! Keep in mind that there is a rainy season but it’s year round more or less the same temperature
  • There are several beaches for your perfect destination wedding!

That’s why Curaçao is the best place for our destination wedding!

English is mostly spoken by anyone on Curaçao, which quickly makes you feel at home! The ceremony can therefore also be done in English, very easy! Curaçao is close to Aruba and Bonaire, super nice to combine for a complete honeymoon. The climate is also wonderful: little rain and lots of sun! Curacao has beautiful white beaches with blue sea and palm trees. All this combined is the perfect place for your sunny destination beach wedding, right?
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