wedding ceremony at Curacao
Wedding ceremony set up at Curacao

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Getting to know each other

For your wedding day it is important that you work with someone you trust. After all, it’s about organizing your dream day! It is therefore very important that the contact with a wedding planner feels good and that you can hand over the preparations with confidence. An introductory meeting can clarify whether you and the wedding planner click. We can therefore always schedule an introductory meeting (completely without obligation) so that you can determine whether Weddings by Merel suits your needs! Of course we can also get to know each other better via e-mail and an introductory meeting does not always have to take place. 

Services tailored to your needs!

If you have a good feeling about the introductory meeting, we will get to work! You can then indicate which services you want to use. The number of shifts usually depends on the length of your day, because if you include the evening, more will have to be done. Weddings by Merel has therefore determined its services for every size wedding so that you never pay too much. The number of people/guests at the wedding is not important in the costs. All details of the wedding are put together according to your taste and everything is only decided in consultation with you. It’s your day for a reason! So no pre-compiled packages, but fully customized weddings with an eye for details!

The services of Weddings by Merel always include: a script for the wedding day itself, the coordination of the wedding day, arranging the paperwork in Curaçao, finding the suitable location, organizing the ceremony and much more. For more information about the possibilities and prices, please contact me by emailing

Of course, the services do not have to remain with the wedding day itself, because sometimes it is nice to have a point of contact for other matters in the country of destination! For guests who come over from abroad, it can be nice to be welcomed with, for example, a welcome drink, welcome bag, a nice organized beach day, etc. etc. untill your destination wedding feels complete.


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Intimate wedding for 2

Do you want to marry with only the two of you with your feet in the sand? That is also possible! Weddings by Merel has agreements with locations and suppliers so that you can experience the wedding of your dreams together (possibly within a limited budget). Most couples often want privacy at an intimate wedding location. I have taken this into account. If you want to do it completely differently, Curaçao has many other options! Would you rather go for a ceremony on a boat or would you rather involve dolphins in the wedding day? Everything is possible on Curaçao! Weddings by Merel loves new combinations, so together we provide the perfect wedding day for you!

Vow renuwal 

Have you already had your wedding day and was it so fantastic that you would like to do it again? Or has your wedding day gone less romantic and would you like to do it again with your feet in the sand? A renuwal or the vows or re-taking the promise can easily be done in Curaçao. Weddings by Merel is happy to help organize the re-promise! Depending on your wishes, a quotation will be drawn up.

If you choose to hire wedding planner Weddings by Merel for your wedding day, you can be sure that this day will be carefree!