Who is Merel van Diemen?

A small introduction about Merel

You are probably wondering who Merel is? Let’s introduce myself and learn more about weddingplanner Merel! Hi! I’m Merel van Diemen, 39 years old and have lived for more than 10 years in Curaçao. After so many years living on the island, I know the island pretty well! Now I’ve moved back to the Netherlands. Why did I become a wedding planner? From when I was a little child I was always busy with weddings. Especially the pretty dresses got my attention. I couldn’t stop finding new pictures of pretty wedding dresses and I also started drawing my own dresses. Unfortunately I found out that designing was not my cup of tee!

On the Haarlem business school I started to study Small Business and Retail Management: a study where you learn how to run your own business. For this study you need a good organisation talent. Planning and organisation is what I love to do. A passion for organisation and a huge passion for weddings makes the perfect combination for a wedding planner!

Certificated wedding planner

To learn more about the business of a wedding planner I started a wedding planning course to make sure I know every aspect of wedding planning. While taking this course I was more sure I loved doing this and I finished it with a lot of fun. So now I can say I am a certificated wedding planner!

Weddingplanner Merel helpt bij de bruiloft
Weddingplanner Merel helpt bij de bruiloft


First I was honoured to work with the best wedding planner on the island where I learned a lot. I had a great time and was able to plan small and big weddings. After this experience I decided to start my own business. Gladly I already had the chance to organise several wedding days for several happy couples. The smile on their face after their dream wedding is priceless and gives me so much energy. That is why I love my job!

Are you planning a big or small wedding in Curaçao or the Netherlands? I’m more than happy to assist you in the organisation of your dream wedding!

Want to know more? Please send me an e-mail or go to the contact page here!

Weddingplanner Merel op strandbruiloft Zandvoort
Photographer: www.wowweddingdetails.com